Written 2006



~Puedo comer un durazno por horas~

~!Que dulce! Lo exploro como Dora~

~Quiero jugo asi lo pongo en mi boca~

~!Que sabroso! Me esta manejando loca~

~Durazno, color del durazno, bonita~

~Mi… Read more

Written October 4th, 2006


"Shelter is a warm place, a home away from home
Shelter is the first thing on my mind when I'm alone

When you are on the other line, Shelter is my phone
And when I… Read more

Written November 8th, 2010

Music Has A Hold On Me

"I find myself thinking in melody...speaking in rhyme
Looping a tune as I'm leaping through time

A hobby is seldom with business in mind
But feed me a lemon...I'll… Read more

Written September 4th, 2012

Elusive Inspiration

"...I'm losing inspiration, sitting waiting on a train
That's transporting my dreams from normalcy to insane

I exhausted my umbrella from dancing through all this rain
Now I'm soaking, and this cold is… Read more