Written October 4th, 2006


"Shelter is a warm place, a home away from home
Shelter is the first thing on my mind when I'm alone

When you are on the other line, Shelter is my phone
And when I call you and I'm scared, Shelter is your tone

When it's the worst kind of weather, thunder rolling through skies
I run home to my Shelter, enclosed in your thighs

Shelter is the way you wrap me in your arms when I cry
Shelter is the way you run back to your man to confide

And when it all seems hopeless, confusion outside
Shelter is my focus, my future in your eyes

In the midst of guns, bombs, explosions, violence
Shelter is your calm, your composure...your silence

Shelter is your highness, my Queen, and this ring
Is my Shelter, my dream to be your King

For if we provide strong Shelter between us two
Then we'll survive in a Shelter underneath one roof"


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