Who is Faiya ???

     Showered with diversity since day one, this Puertorican, Sicilian, Indonesian rapper was destined to appeal to all walks of life. Early on, the written word became Faiya's escape, and he learned to always express his feelings through art...from paintings and poems to songs and stories. He was exposed to many honors at a young age: winning various drawing contests, having a poem published into an anthology at age 11, and even being flown to Norway with a music program to meet and perform for the King and Queen at only 12 years old. 

     From junior high school up until college, Faiya decided to take a detour from the workload of his music program and lead a more "normal" teenage life. Getting into trouble replaced the very poised and planned lifestyle he had been accustomed to, but fortunately, strong values and an even stronger backbone of a family kept him from delving too deep into the wrong direction. In 2005, Faiya tackled the modeling industry...and for nearly two years Faiya charged full steam ahead earning jobs such as a Mountain Dew Ad and the cover of New York Magazine. He learned how to maneuver through the fast-paced game, and enjoyed all the fresh faces and partying that came with it. This wild networking lifestyle ultimately set the stage for the birth of Faiya's rap career. Reckless living and a slew of bad decisions led him to write 25 songs in a one month time span. This was therapy for Faiya, and he realized after playing it for others, that it could very well be therapy for the world. Today experience has molded him into the man behind the message...and the message can be found behind the music.

     Returning to his musical journey in Fall of 2006...these few short years have seen rapid growth for the Brooklyn lyricist. His music, born out of poetry, gives listeners a glimpse into his soul and is sure to capture the heart. While his catalog of songs do fall under the genre of Rap...you will find that many of these songs reference and may even invoke the feel of Pop, Rock, R&B, and in some cases, Blues. With his first release "Welcome to the FAIYA" playing in all corners of the world, and his second release "FAIYA|Escape" spreading even further, Faiya is gathering up the masses and is asking you to join the movement and become a part of History.