Fuel for Thought

Written 2006 



~Puedo comer un durazno por horas~

~!Que dulce! Lo exploro como Dora~

~Quiero jugo asi lo pongo en mi boca~

~!Que sabroso! Me esta manejando loca~

~Durazno, color del durazno, bonita~

~Mi fruta favorita, la mejor comida~

~Vengo cuando lo dice 'Papi venga!'~

~Pero solamente comerlo con lengua~

~!Tengo hambre! Lo necesito es urgente~

~No lo hago para mi, lo hago para mi gente!~



Written October 4th, 2006 


"Shelter is a warm place, a home away from home
Shelter is the first thing on my mind when I'm alone

When you are on the other line, Shelter is my phone
And when I call you and I'm scared, Shelter is your tone

When it's the worst kind of weather, thunder rolling through skies
I run home to my Shelter, enclosed in your thighs

Shelter is the way you wrap me in your arms when I cry
Shelter is the way you run back to your man to confide

And when it all seems hopeless, confusion outside
Shelter is my focus, my future in your eyes

In the midst of guns, bombs, explosions, violence
Shelter is your calm, your composure...your silence

Shelter is your highness, my Queen, and this ring
Is my Shelter, my dream to be your King

For if we provide strong Shelter between us two
Then we'll survive in a Shelter underneath one roof"


Written November 8th, 2010 

Music Has A Hold On Me

"I find myself thinking in melody...speaking in rhyme
Looping a tune as I'm leaping through time

A hobby is seldom with business in mind
But feed me a lemon...I'll ask for a lime

See everythings sweeter that comes with the green
Wake up from this dream with a coffee and cream

To discover this dream had embodied my hope
While the drink was designed to stunt bodily growth

I'm convinced to consume...but closed eyes can see through
As I lie in my room...in my REM lies the truth

That no dream is too small...no limits in sight
As we let go of kites just to watch them take flight"


Written September 4th, 2012 

Elusive Inspiration

"...I'm losing inspiration, sitting waiting on a train
That's transporting my dreams from normalcy to insane

I exhausted my umbrella from dancing through all this rain
Now I'm soaking, and this cold is reminding me why I came

I'm not here to do a song and a dance for all your pleasure
I remember now that you needed me to make it better

Needed aid from an age that's been lost in the shade
Didn't fade, but hid away, somewhere off in the caves

Needed change, from a generation dipped in dull
And submerged for so long it nearly ripped the hull

But instead of help...they criticize and prick and pull
Until I came along...with a little PRIN-CI-PLE

And here it is, just as suddenly as it eludes me
My inspiration returns with a thunderous cruelty

I MUST be cruel to be kind to help blind men see
This time is coming to an end, where the blind men lead ..."