Written September 4th, 2012

Elusive Inspiration

"...I'm losing inspiration, sitting waiting on a train
That's transporting my dreams from normalcy to insane

I exhausted my umbrella from dancing through all this rain
Now I'm soaking, and this cold is reminding me why I came

I'm not here to do a song and a dance for all your pleasure
I remember now that you needed me to make it better

Needed aid from an age that's been lost in the shade
Didn't fade, but hid away, somewhere off in the caves

Needed change, from a generation dipped in dull
And submerged for so long it nearly ripped the hull

But instead of help...they criticize and prick and pull
Until I came along...with a little PRIN-CI-PLE

And here it is, just as suddenly as it eludes me
My inspiration returns with a thunderous cruelty

I MUST be cruel to be kind to help blind men see
This time is coming to an end, where the blind men lead ..."